About Us

The concept for Midwest Inspiration Quest as an Expressive Arts and Experiential Learning Center has been developing over several years.  Through extensive experience working with youth we discovered the creativity in our daily lives.  Even the word recreation has lost some of its true meaning.

Re-Creation has been reduced to leisurely past time activities and can lack the inspiration that it is meant to provide.  The mission of Midwest Inspiration Quest, therefore, is to create unique experiences in inner and outdoor landscapes that inspire body, mind and spirit.  These experiences are deliberately designed to rejuvenate and re-energize and are comprised of three basic components:

  1. Capitalization on our organic relationship to our natural environment and the physical challenges presented by nature.
  2. High yield potential for growth when we allow ourselves to by physically and mentally challenged by nature.
  3. Personal growth that comes when we recognize and explore our own creative potential.

At MIQ we strive to create experiences, not just activities!